About Us

Race Pro Accessories is a company that believes in the best product for the best deal. Our claim to fame is offer good products for good prices. You may ask yourself, can I find a better quality product? Our answer is going to be absolutely. If you want the best, get the best big name product and pay up to 10 times as much as ours is for a similar part that does the exact same thing. You may also ask yourself, Can I find a better price? Our response is going to be, “Without a doubt.”

At the end of the day, we are riders. We know good value. We know decent quality and we know how to save a buck to continue our riding. After all ya still have ta have money to put in the gas tank right?! The difference between us and the “better price” guys is, we have tested our products. It’s not just some knock off that isn’t going to fit.

Well that’s where we come in. We are riders for riders.

Our parts are guaranteed to fit. They have a warranty. It may not be the best warranty but they have one. We do not charge outrageous restocking fees etc. In plain english, if you change your mind because you don’t want it, better list it online for sale or sell it to a neighbor. If it is defective due to manufacturers fault, we will repair or replace, (at our discretion) the item at no cost. You are responsible for return shipping costs. If you have a warranty issue you can simply submit a request for warranty by clicking here or go to the warranty page on our website and follow the instructions. We will upon receipt of item, test the item and inspect it before issuing a repair or replacement.

You can appreciate our transparency and integrity. Our goal is not to show you a silver lining in the cloud but tell you what is real and have you rest assured you saved money. We are a great American company that believes in value and honesty. If you want a decent product for a decent price, you are at the right site.
You want parts and accessories for a big discount. You don’t want to pay your dealer big bucks. We get it. That is why we offer you to keep spare change in your wallet to fill up the gas tank. After all you may be riding with us someday.

Race Pro Accessories – “Ride in style with us”